Wayan Sumerta

Wayan Sumerta

Wayan Sumerta, the longest serving member of the Birdy's Team, is from the beautiful Balinese village of Duda in the northern district of Selat.

With many years' experience, Wayan is a highly skilled gardener whose loyalty and dedication to the company has been the catalyst for expansion.

Wayan's diligence, work ethic, and beaming smile is the reason for his enormous popularity with clients.

Wayan is second in charge and the owners have total confidence in him running the business during their annual leave.

Putu Anjasrana

Putu Anjasrana

Putu Anjasrana is the youngest team member, also from the island of Bali and the town of Amlapura in the district of Karangasem.

Putu is a fully qualified Horticulturalist, who, like Wayan has a long term commitment to the company. Hard working and popular with clients, Putu is also a highly skilled gardener.

As with all the Team, he is polite, courteous and professional.

Gang Wu - Staff

Gang Wu

Gang (pronounced "Gung") Wu, the newest member of the Team is from China. Married with a young daughter, he is a fully qualified Horticulturalist with over 10 years' gardening experience.

As with all the Team members, Gang has a long term commitment to Birdy's and with his high level of qualification and experience is a welcome addition to the company.

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